Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hill Cumorah Pageant...or bust!

We made it! What an adventure we've had thus far! We will never forget "the year we did the pageant". When we walked out of the hotel early last friday morning and found that our Suburban with all our luggage had been taken from the hotel parking lot, we were in complete shock. With an hour and 25 minutes until our flight left, there was not much time for discussion or decision making. We had been planning this experience for a very long time. So, we filed the report and got on the plane. We had our PJs from that night and Dave and Sara's stinky clothes from Girls Camp the night before. That was it.
It has gone uphill from there. We have had many hours of rehearsal and costuming. We have had many devotionals and songs. PArker and Sara joined the choir. In cast team time (Times that you are not rehearsing) we have met many new people and played a lot. Our Gadianton Robbers game has been a hit.
In the end, the experience has far outweighed the plight of stolen luggage. I will never forget the feeling and shock of loss but it has made me appreciate our health and safety and important things. We also have recognized that we can live on less. My mom's wise words have comforted me a lot this last week. "you can't take it with you!"
So, the show continues. We have not "broken a leg" but we have been able to experience amazing things and discover what matters...and what doesn't. (Any one who wants to drop off ice cream next week though when I get home and start all the work on insurance claims and all the paperwork, feel free!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Summer to me means no schedule! We spend every moment of our lives on a tight schedule. I honestly believe that is the cause of my "smile lines" deepening around my eyes.   :)
I love the long summer nights and the option to get up early or sleep a little bit longer than normal.
Summer started here this past week. Sara was the first to finish exams. She didn't even rub it in. What a gal! We celebrated with a late night bonfire with our cousins. Hot dogs and the biggest smores you've ever seen.
Matt was the next to finish. He celebrated at DQ with his peeps. They didn't have lunch...they shared an entire cake...which they personalized with their initials. How cool is that?
Parker finished on the final exam day at LCI. He was happy it rained on the days leading up to it because its so much easier to study when its rainy. Physics 30 departmental completed! He celebrated by going on YM camp. He could think of nothing better!
Hannah was the last to finish. She actually missed her final day and we made a quick trip to Great Falls...Target, Fuddruckers, Ross Dress for Less, Cafe Rio and an awesome waterslide.

Summer is here and we are so ready!!!

So, on Friday when I came home from my run, Sara and Hannah had started breakfast. The best summer breakfast I'd ever seen!