Sunday, October 28, 2012

Home feels good too!

We arrived home safely tonight after the most magical vacation. We never did go on a honeymoon. But, while we were there we got asked if we had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon. That was the day after I turned 40! WOOHOO! I'll take it!

French Polynesia is so beautiful. I felt like I was in a dream every day. I am so grateful to have had this experience and to have seen it all with my favourite person. We get very little time together now, so a week away with no responsibility or cell phone was the best present ever. Thanks Dave!

We biked, snorkelled, hiked, swam and sat around a bit too. We loved the warmth and sunshine.

But, it was great to get home safely and see our kids tonight. Home is a great place to be. Not gonna lie though, I could do without the snow.

New favourite drink - virgin chi-chi in a coconut. Delicious!

Birthday cake from the Captain delivered to our room!

A snorkelling adventure off the coast of Moorea.

As we departed from Huanine...

Bora Bora is the island seen behind us. We were on a small private island for a whole afternoon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reason to smile...

I came across this graffiti on my run today. Today, my run made me smile. What makes you smile today?

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zones Cross Country

This day has become a favourite for Dave and I. We run up and down hills and coulees to chase our kids and cheer them on as they run their cross country races. This year Sara ran 2km, Matt had to run 4km and Parker did 5km. Each of their routes were hard! There were some nasty hills and the weather was cool and rainy. There were even a few flakes that flew. We were so proud of them. They worked hard and each of them had trained using "Dad's Cross Country Training Regime". They stuck to the schedule and their hard work paid off. Parker and Matt both qualified for Provincials! They are next weekend in Red Deer. Sara would have qualified too as she got 2nd but there are no Provincials held for Grade 7. Well done Stew Crew! Glad Dad and I could get our work out in today as we chased you around! It was a blast!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Utah Journey

We are down to the final hours before we drop Grandma and Grandpa off at the MTC.
It's been a fantastic weekend of Conference - topped off by Pres Monson's announcement that YM can now go on missions at the age of 18!

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