Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two Left Feet

Ever feel like you have two left feet? Hannah did. Literally.

At Hot Lunch on thursday, she reminded me that there was after school skating with the school. We haven't been able to make it once this year. She asked if we could please go. I responded with the most common response lately. "Sorry, Hannah, we have too much going on after school." She ( unfortunately) wasn't too surprised by the answer and said okay.
As I got on with my day, I realized if I shuffled a few things and got a friend to take Matt to football, I could find the skates, grab Sara and surprise Hannah by picking her up ready to skate. So that's what I did.
It actually wasn't hard to find the skates. ( Different funny story - Dave accidentally grabbed the skates and brought them to Waterton this summer thinking they were the life jackets... They are both in the same kind of hockey bag. Imagine our surprise at the boat dock.... :)
So the skates were just inside the shed still. I quickly grabbed Sara's, Hannah's and mine. As I looked briefly at Hannah's I thought they looked a bit small this year so I grabbed Sara's old ones thinking they'd work. I found helmets, gloves and tall socks, threw everything in the car and dashed to pick up Sara.
I was sweating when I picked them up but it was so fun to surprise Hannah. She was thrilled!
So, off to the rink. Sure enough last years skates were too small. I mentally patted myself on the back for packing another pair. She started to put them on while I turned to visit with another mom. Then I heard a little voice. "Mom...." I turned to look at her. "It might be a little hard to skate in two left skates....." Really? In my haste I grabbed 2 completely different skates. Both left feet!!!
We laughed so hard we cried! I asked her what we should do. She said "I came here to skate!" So, she did - on two left feet!
Thanks Hannah! I tried to make your day, and you made mine.

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