Thursday, October 31, 2013

Parker Reports at the MTC...WOW!

Over the past few months Parker and I have been busy finding the "perfect" things for Parker on his mission. We have spent hours filling out and sending in documents for an Albanian Visa. We have dropped off, picked up, made appointments, kept appointments. We have laundered, sewn, ironed and stitched. We have packed, unpacked, repacked and unpacked again. We have cleaned, organized and sorted. Needless to say, it has been an adventure. Not many people talk about the preparation of getting ready for a mission, so let me tell's a lot of work! But it was fun to spend days together, visiting, going for lunch, grabbing a Booster Juice and having a scavenger hunt as we searched for shirts, pants and sweaters that would fit a 5'8", 121 lb body. Most clothes aren't made for that size FYI. But, it all paid off as we dropped him off at the MTC yesterday. He will be there for about 9 weeks as he learns the Albanian language. He will then be off to the Adriatic South Mission which encompasses Albania, Kososvo and Macedonia. He was met at the MTC by two Elders who welcomed him to the MTC. He hugged us and smiled as he gave a little wave and walked through the doors. He was so excited to start this next phase. The goodbyes were hard, the future is exciting.

Parker at the Cardston Temple 

Nana and Papa flew out for Parker's farewell. It was great to have so much family support! Many aunts and Uncles and cousins came. 

Jeff, Lindsey, Tyler, Landon and Nash were one of the families we DID remember to get a picture with! Hopefully these boys pray as hard for Cousin Parker as they did for Uncle B on his mission. :)

For my birthday the week before he left, we went to the temple together...and to the cafeteria!
Our family after Parker was set apart as a missionary by President Evanson.

One of the most difficult good byes was to Matt. They will now be apart for about 4 years, as Matt plans to serve a mission too when he is 18.

The day before the MTC, Parker, Dave and Sara went to the Mt Timpanogos temple. It was beautiful and they really enjoyed it. Hannah and I explored American Fork and got a little lost!

Elder Stewart just before entering the MTC.