Monday, April 30, 2012

Whistler Weekend

Thanks to Dave, Grandma and others helping with things at home, I was able to accompany the LCI Chamber and Jazz Choirs to the Con Brio Music Festival in Whistler, BC. Parker and I departed our home at 3:30am on Wednesday to board the bus. We stopped for the day in Vancouver and then they competed and performed in Whistler on the weekend. It was a remarkable experience. There are some amazingly talented adjudicators, musicians and teachers. Everyone learned a lot and had a great time!
 This is the LCI Jazz Choir. They performed on Friday Night to a large, very responsive crowd. They did a great job and were encouraged by their performance. Don't they look great? I'm biassed. Dave and I found the shirts and ties in Montreal when we were there for his award. We had to buy a new inexpensive suitcase to get them home with us. What parents don't do.... But, I'm so glad we did.
 Remember these rings from the Olympics? We had the kids line up in between performances on Saturday at the rings for a group photo. After the photo, they broke out into an impromptu performance. An audience quickly formed and cheered them on. Some people even threw money!
Kim texted while we were away and was not aware that I had gone on this trip with Parker. Her response was, "my u live a glamourous life". I laughed out loud. 17 hours on a bus both ways with 37 teenagers and late night room checks... Actually, it has been fun and I'm so glad I could be with Parker and see his choir do so well. What an amazing experience for everyone. We all live in a beautiful country with so much to offer!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We know we're pretty darn lucky. Grandma and Grandpa offered in January to take us to Hawaii over Easter. Reluctantly we accepted... Jokes! The countdown was on! On April 5, the day finally arrived and we flew out of Calgary. The 6 of us, Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Carolyn were off for a grand adventure. The flight was great, we picked up our cars - one of which was a convertible (Why not - we were in Hawaii?!?!) and headed out for an adventure.
We had the most wonderful time! We swam, boogey boarded, snorkelled, surfed and enjoyed the fresh Hawaiian air. We went to Pearl Harbour, had Matsumoto Shaved Ice, played games - especially Farkle, BBQ ed and explored the island. A favourite for everyone was the Polynesian Cultural Centre - we decided we wanted to move to Samoa where the men do all the cooking! It was so fantastic! We all want to plan the next trip back... Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!