Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football Player Extraordinaire

So Sara is playing football! She loves it! She had three games today and her dedicated fans (AKA her family including Grandma and Aunt Carolyn) endured frigid temperatures to cheer her on. She has fast feet and is not afraid to lower her shoulder and hit hard! Notice her new mouthguard she's holding in her hand. After having it made, she realized she'd chosen the colours of the rival team. Oooops!

The First Day Back!

The first day was August 30th this year. What happened to waiting until after Labour Day? Despite not wanting to go to school, the Stewart kids looked and played the part of happy school children! Parker started grade 10.
Sara started grade 5. This will be her last year at Lakeview! Middle School next year. :(
Matt is the "big" kid at Paterson this year.
Hannah started grade 3. Our "baby" is no longer a baby. Buddy was so sad to see them go...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Goes Out With a Splash

We had a great summer! Starting with Trek and ending with a one night , magical camping trip to St. Mary's. We travelled to Ontario and had all our cousins visit us at our home in the month of August. We had a week in Waterton together and lots of little adventures in between. We managed to get all four kids up together on skiis just a few days before school started. Makes you think, "Why does summer ever have to end?"