Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steak Anyone?

We're not sure who's to blame. We're just really glad that we got talked into hardie plank siding instead of vinyl. It was when Dave noticed roof high flames and billowing smoke that we knew there was something wrong. Thanks for the steak, boys. It was delicious! Glad we still have a house standing...
Notice that the gauge is now permanently positioned at 800 degrees farenheit.

Hannah's Favourite Day of the Year is...

...Her Birthday! Happy 9th birthday Hannah! We love you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ladies Fest 2011

Oh what fun it is to run up the Whoop Up hill! But it was a perfect day for Ladies Fest - just a bit misty and overcast for Sara and I to run together...She left me at 3.5k and took off. I was proud of her. She told me later that she would just pick a t-shirt ahead of her and say the colour of shirt over and over in her head until she passed her. Then she would pick another t-shirt and do the same thing. She was speedy! It was an 8 km race and she finished in just over 42 minutes. The whole family was there to cheer us on. Parker and Matt volunteered at the finish line again this year and removed race tags.

All of my girl friends (AKA counselling staff) that I run with ran as well. It was such a great day - topped off with a breakfast and get together after at the Lethbridge Lodge. To our surprise, Sara and I were awarded second place in the Mother/Daughter Category! We both collapsed on the couch that night...and ate ice cream!

Where is June Going? Wait... It's almost gone!

Other than December, June is the month that goes by the fastest...and yet the slowest as well. It seems like school will never end. But, before you know it, July has arrived. June is always full of Field Trips, Year End BBQ's and picnics, Recitals, Final tournaments and playoffs, exams, Games Days/ Track Meets, Info nights for next year, an Awards ceremony or two, class parties etc. Oh Wait...don't forget the Teacher Gifts for all the teachers and coaches! It all becomes a blur...also known as June.

For us, we also have a birthday and of course, you have to have a party for that!

But, we wouldn't trade this busyness for anything. We know the day will come when we will miss it. However trite this may sound, it's very true that your kids grow up WAY TOO FAST!

So, I'm going to publish a few posts to try to give a few highlights. The bottom line is that this whirlwind journey of life is a lot of fun!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Track Season!

Actually, track season just ended. It's really short lived! Matt ran the 400m, 800m and 1500m. He qualified for cities in all three and then went on to qualify for zones in the 800m and 1500m. His good friend, Matt Knapik, is his pacer. He just stays on his heels and he brings him in every time - in a very good time, but always behind Matt K. So, he placed third in the 800m at zones and fourth in the 1500m. We were so impressed because...Matt hates track. What could he do with a little training??? Matt Knapik got first in both races. Great job Matt! Maybe next year, our Matt will train...maybe not.

No, Matt is not trying to show off his biceps! Check out that Farmer's tan! Very Southern Albertan, don't you think? Kids, this is what happens when you forget to apply sun screen and then spend all day at the track...
Matt and Matt in the lead during the 800m.
Matt and Matt. We're excited to see what next year brings!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let them eat cake....

Last friday, Sara turned 11! Unbelievable. For her birthday, some of us headed to Edmonton - Stony Plain actually - to take Matt and 3 of his team mates to a basketball tournament. Dad and Parker stayed home. When we arrived, Aunt Kim, Leah and Dillon surprised Sara with an amazing cake! She was delighted. After Matt's first game (which they won..) all the Edmonton cousins (except Josh - maybe next time when he has teeth :) came to our hotel and ate cake with us. What a great birthday party! I didn't have to plan it, send out invites or even make the cake and it was a huge hit! Thanks everyone!
As a side note, we had a super time in Edmonton. Matt's team won silver. It was great to see family and get to know his team mates and their families better. I now fully agree with Patrick though - the drive to and from Edmonton is very long!!!! But, it was a super weekend!